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Central location in Zermatt



Our hotel is approximately 10 minutes by foot from the station.

If you walk, follow the main street until you reach the church and just before the church you turn left. After the big bridge on your right side you'll see the Hotel Bristol.

If you wish to be picked up, we offer a free shuttle from 8am to 5pm. If you arrive before or after these hours, please contact the front desk!

MGB Bahn

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How to reach Zermatt?



If you travel by car, you have to leave your car in Täsch (7Km from Zermatt). You leave your vehicule in one of the many parking lots in Täsch(charges apply).


From Täsch to Zermatt you go eather by train or by taxi. If you are travelling by train from another city or from an airport to Zermatt you have to change trains in Visp.

Which airport is the nearest?


From Zermatt there are 4 possible airports in proximity.

• Zurich Airport – Zermatt are 3.30 hours by train

• Geneva Airport – Zermatt are 4 hours

• Basel Airport – Zermatt are 3.45 hours 

• Milano Malpensa – Zermatt are 4 hours 


To book a cheaper train ticket, follow this link:


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